Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2: Roll Call


New Morning
Explanation Comes to an End
by Howie Good

She Saw
by RL Raymond

Benazir Bhutto
Weight of the Long Darkness
Media for Misnomers

by Peter Magliocco

The Unbelievable Film Noir of Her Life
The Long and Short of Absurdity
Notes on a Forgotten Dreamer

by J.J. Steinfeld

The Jennin Freedom Theater Today
Build that Mosque
by Joshua Baumgarten

The Big Away Conference
Dark Hammer Zone
Burn Card Bust
Prisoner's Diemma
by David S. Pointer

by Subhankar Das


The Grackle Tree
by James Brush

Untitled No. 22
Untitled No. 29
Untitled No. 30
by Michael Mc Aloran

Lion's Den
Diet Pills
Do Not Duplicate

by Joe Karmia

Eternal Recurrence of the Same
by Howie Good


Untitled '03 - Michael Mc Aloran
Untitled '03 - Michael Mc Aloran
Untitled '03 - Michael Mc Aloran

Untitled - David S. Pointer

Lit in Review

...Ready or Not
by Paul Richmond

by Susan Bosler

Music in Review

Phosophene Dream
by The Black Angels

The Twilight State
by Labesheeda

Abnormally Attracted to Sin
by Tori Amos

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